… always exceed the expectations of our customers!

One of the world’s most respected consumer technology companies uses Medallia to measure experience across points of sale, contact centers and websites. In the contact center channel, this company uses TeleForceUS to manage sales and customer service centers

Before TeleForceUS:

A key component of an agent’s variable compensation was revenue per order. The company met its cross-selling goals, but the customer experience suffered because agents recommended unrelated products solely to increase their bonuses. Customers ended up buying products they didn’t want or need.


We design questionnaires for sales operations and technical support consumer experience, aligned to the requirements of each team.

Both the performance of the agents and non-agent factors, such as wait time and telephone and menu options

Optimized sampling strategy to ensure the business receives a sufficient level of response to enable agent-level tracking.

Automated dashboards ready for customer experience metrics at the individual agent level.

Optimization of customer experience and revenue


Armed with agent-level experience scores, the company changed its variable compensation plan.

Instead of compensating sales agents based on revenue per order, you now compensate agents based on metrics that indicate how helpful the agent has been in
recommending products. The result? A satisfied customer!

Satisfaction has improved, with double-digit gains in nearly every agent metric measured and up 20% overall increase in the likelihood of recommending.

Before TeleForceUS:

A wellness and fitness club with a national presence was having difficulty keeping up with its pace of new members (and new membership fees).


We develop a strategy with the client and develop a pilot program of outbound invitations through the databases of their same social networks (Facebook,
Instagram, and Tik Tok) to attend a free class and try the experience and in the establishment close with said attendees the Club Memberships.

Our associates were ready to hit the ground running, with specialized training in key customer contact channels: chat, email, and voice. We manage the hiring,
development, training, and coaching of our agents.

Shortly after launching the pilot, the new team exceeded the KPIs set in place to increase Memberships.

We also recommended and implemented several proactive solutions across the company, including knowledge base improvements to make agents more
productive and remedial training to help with customer retention.


The company was so pleased with our work that we quickly grew from 5 to 21 agents per month. Our work has resulted in an increase in Memberships of 38% as well
as increases in membership fees by a similar percentage.

TeleForceUS has become the client’s primary outsourcing partner, providing a year-round 30 agent level, and we continue to explore ways to expand our partnership.