Outbound Call Solutions


Through telephone calls, we promote your products or services with a profiled database and generate another sales channel within your company

Pay Per Performance

We work on payment per sales campaigns

Lead Generation & Lead Qualification

Lead generation is the process of getting people interested in your product or service in the first place, and lead qualification is the process of determining whether those people are actually good potential customers hoping to make a conversion or sale


Through calls, emails, or messages on different platforms we ensure full or partial payment of clients behind on their obligations


We manage your company’s appointments and administer them by people, areas or departments

Phone Surveys

Through calls to a defined database, we gather information using relevant questions from a sample of people

Political Campaigns

We call people in a defined database to promote a political candidate, or laws, or invite them to vote

Inbound Call Center Solutions

Customer Service & CX

We provide through different channels support and assistance given before, during, and after customers purchase a product or service

Answering Services

We answer your calls 24/7 and transfer them to their destination

Tech Support & Help Desk

Through specialized agents, we address the doubts and problems of our clients regarding software, hardware, and procedures

Sales Order Processing

 We provide the sequence of actions that a business follows to fulfill a customer purchase. Today, sales order processing is often aided by technology, which ensures that each touchpoint on the seller’s side — from billing to production and logistics

Reservations and Bookings

We provide through different platforms the arrangement your client asks for or needs to have a hotel room, flight tickets, tickets to venues, etc.

Appointment Scheduling

We manage your agendas for your staff, attending appointments and keeping them informed of their meetings day by day

Customer Retention

We work in every interaction with your customers to improve their experience with your company and increase loyalty to your products and services

Contact Center Social Media Solutions

Live Chat

We serve your customers through live chats, resolving questions or providing information

Social Media Management

We manage and administer your social networks according to your instructions and policy, creating content, and responding to messages or comments from your clients and users


We carry out email campaigns to your clients or potential leads

Whatsapp & SMS

We send and receive messages to your clients through different platforms, answering their questions

Other Contact Center Services


Outsource nearly any task to a skilled partner to improve internal efficiency and save money

Back Office

Our back office service is made up of agents who support a company’s operations but do not interact directly with its clients. Administrative activities include inventory management, processing sales orders, and onboarding new employee

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